Who We Are

“RHCT” exists because we believe every person needs to believe they matter. When people truly believe they matter, their lives can change for the better. Moreover, when people truly believe other people matter, it can change the entire world. Our mission is to help and empower people from all walks of life to become the best version of themselves. We truly want people to have “purpose and goals for Life.” For us, “RHCT” Means knowing you matter, and that what you’re doing right now is significant. It sparks a whole new energy and purpose for life that simply cannot be surpassed.

“RHCT” is a community which is grown out of the passion and a combination of youth and ancient wisdom, it brings together association of major powers in the Handy craft industry known for their best in the Local Experts research, state of the art manufacturing capabilities backed by various Customers and Corporate Clint data and pure science in innovating new products for the man kind to live healthy and wealthy.

“RHCT” is a product of Japanese perfection, American passion for innovation and Indian ambition put together to show the world the power of innovative product extracted in its natural form, our products are powered by three major giants with vast experience and with a ancient wisdom married with youthful passion to succeed.